Bringing Fortune 100 Strategic HR to the SMB

What We Do


All About You

 It’s time to make Strategic HR available to every business not just the Fortune 100. The HR Departments at large corporations have had an advantage in the war for talent and the benefits they can offer. We are here to even the playing field with the right level of strategic support for the SMB. From Total Rewards Strategies, Talent Acquisition & Retention to M&A support, we work to make sure that the HR function for your business is the “Value Add” department that Fortune 100 Companies have come to expect. 


HR Basics

 Small and Medium sized businesses are challenged with an almost impossible task of keeping up with a constantly changing legislative and compliance ecosystem while typically doing so without a full-time person in that role. Coupled with historically low unemployment and skyrocketing healthcare costs, these issues are difficult for an HR team let alone someone part-time and without formal training in an HR role. 


Our Expertise


These examples are the reason for GRIP HR. From monthly education and compliance to M&A due diligence and board & investor reporting, GRIP HR will help businesses get most value out their most important asset: Their People.